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Woman spends £6,000 to realise dream of having baby after giving up on dating

Sara Phillips, from Bristol, Gloucestershire, wants other women to know you don’t need to a man to become a mum and she says the artificial insemination process has changed her life forever

A woman gave up on dating and decided to realise her dream of becoming a mum on her own after a decade of damaging relationships.

Sara Phillips, 36, decided she could have a child without a man after growing tired of trying to find Mr Right.

She enlisted the help of a sperm donor and says it was the best decision she’s ever made.

The quality accounts manager fell pregnant with Bella, now two, after one successful round of intrauterine insemination – a type of artificial insemination.

Sara, who lives in Bristol, Gloucestershire, is sharing her story to show other women that you it doesn’t need two people to make to create a family.

She said: “It’s a terrible thing to say but I feel like I’m almost damaged goods from my two relationships as both went horribly wrong.

“My first serious boyfriend, I was only about 19 when we got together so I didn’t really know any different.

“When I got out of that relationship and situation, I met who I thought was my soulmate.

“I trusted him completely, and I never had any doubts, but then he cheated on me as well, and I haven’t had a serious relationship since then.”

Sara says she was first inspired to have a baby on her own after watching Jennifer Lopez in hit film The Back-Up Plan – and has since spent £6,000 to have Bella.

She said: “It had never really occurred to me that that could be an option.

“Even after I saw the film, I sort of thought that was the kind of thing that only happened in films.

“When I started seriously thinking about being a single mum by choice I looked into it more, and found out it was an option for me.”

Sara gave up dating while Bella was still a baby, but now that she’s a bit older she’s started casually seeing people again.

She said: “I would have to know someone for a good few months and really like them to introduce them to Bella.

“Something that drew me to being a single mum by choice was there was no fear of the person I was with not being ‘the one’.

“I joke about it with my mum sometimes, that if I had had Bella with a man and we were separated now, I wouldn’t be able to handle her being away for a weekend!

“I don’t want to introduce someone into her life that isn’t going to be a permanent fixture for her and give her some stability.”

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Sara revealed that she is hoping to provide Bella with a sibling.

She said: “I’ve still got two more samples of the donor sperm I used to have Bella.

“I definitely want to give her a sibling, and I think it would be better if they were conceived in the same way so they’d always have each other.

“That was they would be able to talk about it, when they’re older.

Sara revealed that having Bella has completely changed her outlook on life.

She said: “I’m just about to start a new job, which is a bit daunting to be honest. But I’ve always got to think about Bella and what would be best for her.

“I was never a typical career woman before I had a baby, but it just changes all your priorities.”